Charlsie Russell's Requited Harvest is now for sale at all online and brick and mortar book retailers! For more information, click on this banner. Gothic Suspense against the backdrop of Mississippi's 19th century timber industry!

"[A] riveting novel with plenty of twists and turns that makes for a hard to put down read."

James Cox, Midwest Book Review

Rafe Stone came to Mississippi in search of a house, not a home and a wife, but the antebellum showcase he seeks has fallen into disrepair and into the hands of Josephus Collander, a savvy Mississippi businessman who tells the disappointed Rafe the house is not for sale. But, Collander amends, Rafe can have it for nothing if he will accept it as the dowry of Collander’s niece, Delilah Graff.

Two strangers hiding their pasts in a rambling mansion harboring dark secrets of its own. Love, vengeance, and murder forged during the death throes of the Old South cast their shadows on the New. Come and enjoy the journey!