Charlsie Russell's Requited Harvest is now for sale at all online and brick and mortar book retailers! For more information, click on this banner. Gothic Suspense against the backdrop of Mississippi's 19th century timber industry!

"A deftly written romantic mystery that is original, complex, and gothic in its structure,…"

Midwest Book Review

Escape to Mystery and Romance!

A significant fortune forged in the dark aftermath of Northern aggression. A young widow haunted by the deaths of her stepfather and new husband. A menacing stranger who claims to be the heretofore unseen groom. A cutthroat family poisoned by a perverse concept of entitlement, deepened by greed. And an old secret, cloaked in honor, that will eclipse the sinister machinations of the present and cast its shadow over the bright promise of a young couple’s future.

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