Charlsie Russell's Requited Harvest is now for sale at all online and brick and mortar book retailers! For more information, click on this banner. Gothic Suspense against the backdrop of Mississippi's 19th century timber industry!

A massive historical saga,...

Midwest Book Review

Gothic Suspense and Romance

A proud defender of a Lost Cause determined to survive. A beautiful victor who feels only loss. A nation destroyed in malicious violation of a mutual charter. A Constitution nullified by faux ideology and greed. Mystery, romance, and history against the backdrop of the devastated South, where the seeds of tyrannical democracy were sown in the salted earth of the Confederacy.

Offered for free to my loyal readers in anticipation of my upcoming mystery series set during Reconstruction. But before that, don’t miss Honor’s Banner, the sequel to Camellia Creek.

As always, if you have a moment at story’s end, a review is much appreciated.